Foxy Brown

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Soul Jazz Records presents Blaxploitation Classic Films #1: Foxy Brown, starring Pam Grier.

Foxy Brown is the first in a once-a-month season of Blaxploitation Cinema classics presented by Soul Jazz Records who will be introducing the films and also playing 70s funk and soul in the cinema bar before and after the main feature.

Made in 1974, Foxy Brown is one of the quintessential Blaxploitation films. 25 years later Foxy Brown’s character became the basis for Quentin Tarentino’s Jackie Brown (which also starred Pam Grier after she came back from retirement). Pam Grier defines and subverts Blaxploitation cinema as a cinema of black female empowerment. Foxy Brown is a highly moral, sexual, stylish, violent character in a sea of immorality.

Enduring forced heroin injections, torture, prostitution and more in order to achieve her aims. She is never a victim and always wins her fights. Foxy Brown is out for revenge after her husband (an ex-policeman recovering from plastic surgery to alter his identity) is killed by hitmen for the local drugs mafia (headed by a white woman) tipped off after Foxy’s own drug-dealing brother (Antonio Fargas, later to play Huggy Brown in the TV show Starsky and Hutch) snitches on him. 

The film features the super-funky music of Willie Hutch (Motown Records), wicked clothes, car chases, sex, drugs and the righteous violence of Foxy Brown’s sweet revenge. Delivering the final line in the film to the female drug lord she simply states ‘Death is too easy for you, bitch. I want you to suffer.’

BBFC rating
Running time
88 mins
Jack Hill
Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, Peter Brown

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September 16th

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