Forbidden Trim

UK Premiere

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A very special 35 mm screening presented by the filmmaker, Forbidden Trim is one of the year’s most hotly anticipated movies – for good reason. Here’s the scenario: using a group of surfers for cover, a crack commando is sent deep into the jungle on a clandestine mission to eliminate the global crime syndicate, the Caldera Network.

In the words of the film’s director George Trimm, “It’s a Grindhouse, Surfing, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, War film.” What’s not to love? Shot on Super 8 and 16mm and combining classic B movie vibes, with a killer, custom scored sound track and some of the world’s most stylish surfers – Alex Knost, Jared Mell, Harrison Roach et al – this celebration of truly independent filmmaking is definitely not your standard surf movie.

Accompanied by Filmmaker Q+A and Forbidden Trim Band

Plus Shorties shortlisted film

London Surf / Film Festival

BBFC rating
Running time
75 mins
George Trim
Colin Whitbread, Jared Mell, Alex Knost, Harrison Roach

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October 1st

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