First Love

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Set over one night in Tokyo, we follow Leo, a young boxer down on his luck as he meets his ‘first love’ Monica, a callgirl and an addict but still an innocent. Little does Leo know, Monica is unwittingly caught up in a drug-smuggling scheme, and the two are pursued through the night by a corrupt cop, a yakuza, his nemesis, and a female assassin sent by the Chinese Triads. All their fates interwine in spectacular Miike style, at his most anarchic and fun.

Playing with the short film

Semi Skimmed

Joel is struggling to move on from a holiday romance when an unexpected voicemail provides a ray of hope. There is however one problem; he can’t understand a word of it.

Director: James Soldan

Cast: Alex Sharp

8m / UK / 2019

BBFC rating
Running time
108 mins
Japan, UK
Other features
Takashi Miike
Masataka Kubota, Nao Omori, Shota Sometani, Sakurako Konishi

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December 6th

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