Dirty Old Wedge

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London Premiere

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The Wedge is a mythical man-made mutant. Since its creation, people have flocked to stand and stare in awe as a tight crew of surfers and bodysurfers take on the monstrous waves where injuries are common and where deaths have occurred. Featuring epic womping, wipeouts, hard charging and insight from Keith Malloy, Mark Cunningham, Ron Romanosky Mike Stewart, Danny Kwock, Bill Sharp and the hard charging WEDGE CREW this multi-award winning documentary, presented in person by the filmmakers, is an epic ‘eyes-on-stalks’ visceral feast not to be missed!

Accompanied by Filmmaker Q+A

– Winner 2016 Newport Beach Film Festival // Audience Award
– Winner 2016 Approaching Lines Film Festival // Best Film<br/>
– Winner 2016 San Diego Surf Film Festival // Best Film</p>

Plus Shorties shortlisted film

London Surf / Film Festival

BBFC rating
Running time
60 mins
Tim Burnham

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September 30th

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