Diamonds of the Night

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Made in Prague Film Festival

Jan Nemec Retrospective

Jan Němec’s stunning feature debut depicts two boys running away from the certain death awaiting them at a Nazi concentration camp. Emaciated and lost in hostile territory they try to escape both people and nature and stay alive. Almost devoid of dialogue, with flashbacks from their previous life and hallucinatory images, the film provides an immersive experience of  the inner world of fugitives based on an autobiographical  story by holocaust survivor Arnošt Lustig. A groundbreaking masterpiece.

Jan Nemec, Czechoslovakia 1964, 63’

Cast: Ladislav Jansky, Antonin Kumbera, Ilse Bischofova, Ivan Asic


Playing with the short film

A Loaf of Bread

Based on an Arnost Lustig story, Nemec’s graduation film follows young  prisoners trying to steal bread from a Nazi train before  escaping. A winner at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival and a prelude to Diamonds of the Night.

Jan Němec, Czechoslovakia 1960, 12‘

Cast: Ivan Renc, Jan Bartusek, Oldrich Blaha

BBFC rating
Running time
63 mins
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November 11th

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