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London Georgian Film Festival

London Premiere

An elemental story with a universal message and a folkloric, fatalistic, almost ballad-like feel, Dede won the Special Jury Prize in the East of the West competition at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Dede depicts a harshly backward existence, but does not lay out the conflict between tradition and progress in crudely binary terms. Shooting in Ushguli, a UNESCO world heritage site with a dying language and crumbling infrastructure, Khatchvani clearly has mixed emotions about the homeland that she still describes as “paradise.” A young priest serves as her mouthpiece in the latter half of the film, advising Girshel to drop his unrequited claim on Dina. “Some customs are good, some should be forgotten,” he says.

Followed by a Skype Q&A with Mariam Khatchvani

BBFC rating
Running time
97 mins
Georgia, Qatar
Other features
Mariam Khatchvani
George Babluani, Girshel Chelidze, Mose Khachvani

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May 7th

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