The Celluloid Sorceress

The Celluloid Sorceress cordially invites you to join her at the Regent Street Cinema where she continues her look at the work of director Joel Schumacher with his eclectic follow-up to The Lost Boys, screening here from a rare archival 35mm print.

Cousins-by-marriage Larry (Ted Danson) and Maria (Isabella Rossellini) meet at the wedding of Larry’s uncle Phil (George Coe). Forming a friendship after their respective spouses start an affair, Larry and Maria seek playful revenge getting Tish (Sean Young) and Tom (William Petersen) to believe that they are having an affair too. Over the course of two more family weddings feelings get more complicated when the game goes a little too far.

An avid enthusiast for European cinema, American director Schumacher moved away from the brat pack movies that had made his name in Hollywood. His remake of Jean-Charles Tachella’s French classic Cousin Cousine boasts an impressive cast and a gentle, witty screenplay from acclaimed playwright Stephen Metcalfe (Jacknife).

Also starring the great Lloyd Bridges and Adventures in Babysitting teen hero Keith Coogan, Cousins received two thumbs up from Siskel & Ebert who wrote “adultery is never this simple, and seldom this life-affirming – but the movie gets away with murder because it’s funny, because the dialogue has been written with an ear for the funny things people say, especially when they’re being serious, and because of Rossellini”.

The screening will be introduced by Rebecca Nicole Williams with a short selection of vintage 35mm trailers before the feature.

BBFC rating
Running time
113 mins
Joel Schumacher
Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellini, Sean Young, William Petersen

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June 5th

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