Corniche Kennedy

French Film Festival UK

Sensual, edgy, relentlessly honest and tender, Corniche Kennedy, directed by Dominique Cabrera, focusses on young people, their lives, dreams, and relationships. Taken from the eponymous novel by Maylis de Kerangal, Cabrera’s film is set in Marseilles. The title refers to the Corniche du Président-John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy, a boulevard along the coast, and at its heart is a group of contemporary teens who defy the laws of gravity by plunging into the water from a height. A police chief, tasked with keeping an eye on this stretch of the coastline, observes them from behind her binoculars. The kids are caught between a zero-tolerance policy and their taste for the forbidden, and things are about to go awry…

“A powerful, subtle and sensual film on this moment where anything is possible: adolescence.” – Les Fiches du Cinéma

BBFC rating
Running time
94 mins
Other features
Dominique Cabrera
Aïssa Maïga, Lola Créton, Alain Demaria, Kamel Kadri

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December 4th

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