Cleopatra Jones

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Presented by Soul Jazz Records

It’s a mother! 6 feet two of dynamite – she’s the female James Bond, she’s the soul sister’s answer to James Brown. Guns, car chases, motorbikes, kung fu, wah wah funk… it’s Cleopatra Jones!!

Soul Jazz Records continues its Blaxploitation classic film screenings at Regent Street Cinema with Cleopatra Jones, playing on 35mm.

The 6-ft tall kung fu fighting black model Tamara Dobson was the only real competition to Pam Grier in the female heroines for Blaxploitation films in the 1970s. Here Dobson plays it camp as a stunning James Bond-esque female martial arts heroine who embodies aspects of the Black Power Movement, Black Arts Movement and Feminism in this arch action thriller as she socks it to the man (actually a very camp Shelly Winters) to keep drugs out of the community!

Soul Jazz Records DJs will be laying down some heavy funk and soul in the bar before and after the film so get on down!

BBFC rating
Running time
89 mins
Jack Starrett
Tamara Dobson, Bernie Casey, Brenda Sykes

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April 18th

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