City of the Sun

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London Georgian Film Festival

Up to 50 percent of the world’s manganese, a vital metal across the globe, used to be mined in Chiatura, in western Georgia. Today, it resembles an apocalyptic ghost town. Several improbable but true stories intersect in the film. Athlete sisters run methodically, like robots and it is the only thing they can do to survive. It also seems, however, that if they stop running, a spell would be broken, a catastrophe would strike and the entire city would come to a grinding halt. Zurab keeps destroying the city to build a new life for himself and his family, and Archil moves in a limbo unable to make a decision between his passion (theater) and money (working at the mines).

Followed by a Q&A with director Rati Oneli

BBFC rating
Running time
104 mins
Georgia, USA, Qatar, Netherlands
Other features
Rati Oneli
Zurab Gelashvili, Archil Khvedelidze, Mariam, Irina Pkhaladze

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May 6th

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