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Central Europe in Shorts 1

Central Europe Animated

Just like Central Europe, animation speaks many different languages and has several faces. It can be light-hearted and funny while addressing serious contemporary issues at the same time. Discover all of these through the best of recent Central European animations.

The Tree

Lucie Sunkova, CZ/F, 2015, 15´


Martina Mikušová, SK, 2016, 8’

Hugo Bumfeldt

Eva Katinka Bognár HU, 2016, 12’

The House

Veronika Zacharova, CZ, 2016, 5´

Strawberry Days

Eva Sekerešová, SK, 2016, 14’


Renata Gąsiorowska, PL, 2016, 8’


Wiola Sowa, PL, 2016,14’

The Noise of Licking

Nádja Andrasev HU, 2016, 9’15”

Running time
90 mins

Central Europe in Shorts 2

Live Action Shorts

Saying it in-short does not mean saying little by any means. This is especially true for the selection of featured award-winning live-action short films. Follow along to uncover these magical, yet very relatable stories from the heart of Europe.

Who is Who in Mycology

Marie Dvorackova, CZ/USA 2016, 15´

On The Road

Bartosz Nowacki, PL, 2017, 24’

Magic Moments

Martina Buchelová, SK, 2017, 20’

Earthly People

Ádám Freund, HU 2017, 27’

Running time
110 mins

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Central Europe in Shorts 1

Central Europe in Shorts 2

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