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French Film Festival UK

After five years in Paris, Arash has decided to return home to Iran, but his fellow Iranian natives Hossein and Ashkan convince him to take one last trip through the South of France. As the best friends drive, drink lots of beer, and meet a pair of female French musicians, the trio experiences the thrill of a road trip imbued with a wistful longing for home. This artfully photographed non-fiction comedy beautifully captures the expat experience. It’s definitely less about the destination than the journey, revealing three characters who are as lost in life as the rest of us can be at times. This short and sweet affair opened the Cannes Acid sidebar earlier this year.

“The feature debut of writer-director-cinematographer Maryam Goormaghtigh is quirky and warm-hearted all at once.” – Hollywood Reporter

BBFC rating
Running time
80 mins
France, Switzerland
Other features
Maryam Goormaghtigh
Arash, Hossein, Ashkan

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December 9th

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