Bear With Us + Q&A with Tomas Pavlicek and Ivana Chylkova

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A deadpan comedy about a family spending a final night in their weekend cottage is a reminder of the early films of Milos Forman and Jaroslav Papousek´s  Homolka trilogy

A middle aged couple (Ivana Chylkova and David Vavra) decides to sell their beloved but no longer visited weekend cottage bringing the whole reluctant family under its roof for one last time. An effortless portrayal of an often dysfunctional family with grandma trading food and insults, granddad suffering from Alzheimer’s, and grown up children grappling with their failed or failing relationships successfully balances laughter and embarrassment drawing comparisons with the early films of Milos Forman and Jaroslav Papousek’s Homolka trilogy. An excellent cast, authentic dialogues and a pinch of absurdity in the form of a mysterious bear provide a healthy dose of humour and easy identification with the film’s protagonists.

Followed by a Q&A with director Tomas Pavlicek and actress Ivana Chylkova

Part of Czech100: Made In Prague Festival

BBFC rating
Running time
77 mins
Czech Republic
Other features
Tomas Pavlicek
Ivana Chylkova, David Vavra,Tereza Voriskova

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November 3rd

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