Bay of Angels

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French Film Festival UK

A mild-mannered banker (Claude Mann) becoming obsessed with roulette. Along the way, he also becomes obsessed with an aloof platinum blonde (Jeanne Moreau) who seems to live at the roulette wheel. She returns his attentions until revealing that it was all a ruse, brought on simply because she thought he brought her good luck. It’s triumph of style, from Jean Rabier’s stunning camerawork amid sun-splashed Riviera locations  to Moreau, looking resplendently like Bette Davis, to her entrance flashing across a succession of mirrors in the penultimate shot.

“Of all the performances that have made Jeanne Moreau revered among actresses, her work in Bay of Angels is one of the most compelling and one of the least seen … A mesmerising, compulsively watchable performance.” – LA Times

BBFC rating
Running time
85 mins
Other features
Jacques Demy
Jeanne Moreau, Paul Guers, Claude Mann, André Certes

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December 9th

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