An Artist’s Eyes

An Artist’s Eyes, directed by Jack Bond, follows the journey of the brilliant young British painter, Chris Moon, as he navigates the perilous art world and a demanding, often excruciating relationship with his work. The film opens in Chris’s studio in London, then travels to a snowy, freezing New York for a pop-up art show and ends with Chris and his photographer friend driving his old Mercedes across Southern Spain. Through his travels, we discover what it means to be an artist and the very nature of creativity. Chris’s character is revealed as uncompromising, bohemian and totally dedicated to painting. When the director, Jack Bond, asks him, ‘What drives you?” his reply is ‘Stubbornness, selfishness…madness drives me’.

“A beautifully made poetic journey in the company of an artist, which manages to capture his personality with authenticity and great visual and musical appeal” – British Film Institute

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Ruthie Holloway and director Jack Bond

BBFC rating
Running time
85 mins
Other features
Jack Bond

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December 10th

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