Aloko Udapadi

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UK Asian Film Festival

Widely considered a landmark in Sinhala cinema, Aloko Udapadi (Light Arose) is a period epic set in 89 BC. King Walagamba of Sri Lanka, was troubled by power-hungry forces from within while enemy leaders killed each other for power and wealth. It is a story of how a smaller nation arose together to face off the darkest days of the history of the land.

Raved about for its ambitious scale, action sequences and performances, Light Arose is the historic spectacle which is as enriching as it is enthralling.

Followed by Q/A with Ashvin Devasundaram

Running time
113 mins
Sri Lanka
Other features
Chathra Weeraman, Baratha Hettiarachchi
Uddika Premarathna, Dilhani Ekanayake, Menaka Peiris

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March 20th

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