Allison Anders Filmmaker Masterclass

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Presented by Birds Eye View and MUBI

Allison Anders is the legendary American director of films such as Mi Vida Loca and Grace Of My Heart and great recent TV work like Riverdale and Orange is the New Black. She is in London to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her classic Sundance-feted film Gas Food Lodging on March 28.

This exclusive event will be an interview between Allison Anders and the Oscar winning UK producer and director of Birds Eye View Mia Bays. Gas Food Lodging was the first film Mia worked on at the start of her film career, and Allison championed Mia’s first feature Scott Walker – 30 Century Man at her Don’t Stop The Rock Fest in the U.S, so this will be a meeting of minds, hearts and movies.

Join us for a 90 minute illustrated and dynamic conversation about her work, career path and film insights. Don’t miss this rare UK chance to meet a great American filmmaker.

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90 mins

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March 24th

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