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London Spanish Film Festival Spring Weekend

Carmen is a suffering housewife married to Carlos, a machista completely mad about soccer. Together with their teenager daughter Toñi, they live in a working class neigbourhood of Madrid. During a wedding they attend Pepe, Carmen’s cousin, hypnotises Carlos but it soons becomes evident that Carlos has been possessed by Tito’s ghost, a waiter who years ago stabbed seven people before killing himself… After his Snow White, and playing with stereotypes Berger’s film, following the same line as in his previous work, is a very personal film mixing sharp satire, social critique and humour benefitting from the support of some of the most relyable actors in Spain and wonderful photography by Kiko de la Rica.

Followed by a Q&A with actor Antonio de la Torre

Running time
96 mins
Other features
Pablo Berger
Maribel Verdú, Antonio de la Torre, José Mota

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April 14th

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