A Shot of Whisky

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A Shot Of Whisky is the incredible story of the legendary club Whisky a Go-Go. This is where reputations were built, moulds were broken, rules were torn up and legends were made. No other venue has nurtured generations of music legends such as Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Zappa, Love, and The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind & Fire, The Temptations, Blondie, The Go Go’s, The Knack, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motley Crue and many more. Over the decades from rock to soul, from punk to metal the Whisky has been host to a who’s who of rock & roll legends, some in their infancy some in their heyday, but all have made the Whisky’s rock& roll hall of fame. This film tells their story intertwined with the story of the building itself. It’s been said the bands made the gig and the gig made the bands.

A Shot Of Whisky, made in conjunction and with the full cooperation of the Whisky’s owners the Maglieri family, features exclusive interviews with bands, artists, managers, roadies, fans, journalists and staff. By documenting stories from both sides of the stage, together with music, archive and rare performance footage compiled over 40 years, A Shot Of Whisky shows their experiences are inseparable and intertwined with those of the venue itself, while also presenting a unique view of the history of music in America that went on to shake the world. So sit yourself down and pour yourself a shot…of Whisky!

“The Whisky was mecca, it was the place in Los Angeles. It was probably the place in the entire country. The top bands played there. It was a place that we wanted very badly to play.” – Ray Manzarek, The Doors

“What other club has nurtured every band from Love to the Go-Go’s to the Gun Club and is the subject of a tremendously inspired Beverly Hillbillies episode?” – Spin magazine

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90 mins
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Steve Graham

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March 25th

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