24 Snow

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Russian Film Week

24 Snow is the new documentary film of Egor Makarov, business partner of the Northern Forum. This is his fourth motion picture. This time the film is oriented to a Western viewer and is taking part in international film festivals. One thing that remained the same over the time is its protagonist – a Yakutian horse. Extreme climate of the Arctic Yakutia is an everyday survival challenge, forcing a human to struggle with nature and himself. This region attracts people who are looking for freedom and independence – everything here depends on a human; as there is no roads, electricity and hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest community. Our hero is a horse breeder living in a tundra and taking care of his cattle. He feels himself estranged in his own house, having no time to see his children grow ; and every year, Sergei spends more time away from his village, only meeting his family several times per year on horse breeders festivities and while bringing home horsemeat. A harassing living routine in the North shows who exactly is this human in reality.

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins
Other features
Mikhail Barynin

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November 20th

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