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How much to hire a cinema screen?

The thrill of walking up a red carpet to your own private cinema screening was once the stuff of day dreams, the allure of a private screening offering a luxury many could only imagine. But with the recent pandemic and the need for space, film screening rooms are opening their doors to more people than ever before. So just how much is it to hire a cinema screen?

Prices to rent out a screen vary depending on how recent the film is, the theatres location, and extra add-ons – CNN

Renting anything on your own doesn’t come cheap. So why not share the cost and share the film with friends? Hiring a DVD or binge-watching on Netflix with friends is fine for a lazy weekend once in a while, but nothing beats the thrill of the big screen and state of the art technology. Private hire, otherwise known as a “buy out” of a cinema, requires you to purchase every seat so that your friends and family have exclusive access to the venue.

Private screening refers to the screening of a commercially made film to a group of people somewhere other than one of their homes.

In light of the recent pandemic and the health guidance on being indoors, some people may not want to go to a busy cinema, where they are likely to be sat next to another person. A private screening, where social distancing can take place, is more and more appealing – and as such the choices of venue where you can hire a cinema screen are increasing

Under copyright law, any screening of a film to a group of people requires licensing, regardless of whether they are a paying audience or not. 

Hiring a private cinema screen works well for the corporate world too. Companies can use state of the art audio-visual to show their clients anything from corporate presentations to their favourite blockbuster and can even include a small introduction on stage.

You can fulfil your red carpet dream by hiring a screen at the Regent Street Cinema. We are a commercial cinema with an indie heart, renowned for being the birthplace of British cinema.

"It was fantastic and you were all so accommodating to all our last minute (!) needs and changes – knew we were absolutely in safe hands. - BAFTA

To find out more about private screenings at the Regent Street Cinema, contact us on email sales@regentstreetcinemas.com