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Going to the cinema alone

Enjoying the cinematic experience

There are very few moments when you can completely switch off from the world around you. But going to the cinema on your own is one of the very rare times when you can switch off your phone, ignore your notifications and settle into your cosy velvety seat to enjoy the story playing out in front of you.

Going to the cinema is usually a group activity. You gather your friends, you decide on a film, you see the film and then discuss it afterwards. But watching a movie on a solo cinema trip is a totally immersive experience, especially so in an independent or arthouse cinema, which has a much more cosy, intimate vibe. Regent Street Cinema shows the very best in both independent and studio films all week, so there’s always something to satisfy your ‘trip to the cinema’ yearnings.

“As a parent, I’m regularly juggling the demands of family and work life, which at times can make switching off difficult. But the cinema always provides me with the perfect way to escape and lose myself in another world.” M, Specialist Health Editor, a fan of movies about triumph in the face of adversity

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good film at the cinema. From the smell of fresh popcorn to having a chance to fully concentrate on something with no distractions, cinema is a great experience all around for boosting your wellbeing. But it’s not only the experience of visiting the cinema that can help with your well-being…

Time for some self-care in the form of Cinemetherapy

Yes of course taking time out to give yourself headspace, being able to focus on the present, and having your mind stimulated all go towards feeling more positive, but the actual film subject can give you a lift too.

Cinemetherapy, also known as movie therapy, is a form of expressive therapy for overcoming both mental and medical health issues. Even those who find it hard to express their emotions, often find themselves laughing or crying along with a film. This emotional release can have a cathartic effect and may make it easier for a person to express their emotions at other times.

When you watch a film, the pictures, sounds, music and colours all come together to bring the story to life, to stimulate your senses and encourage emotional release – so to get happy, watch a feel-good film.

Who doesn't love a good tear-jerker? To get the sad feelings out, watch a tragedy that will leave you bawling, one that will really pull on your heartstrings, and you’ll feel much better after.

Fancy a bit of suspense? Films that bring a sense of relief following a few stressful scenes release cortisol in the brain, the stress hormone, followed by dopamine which produces feelings of pleasure.

So, just a few hours of the big screen can have positive benefits on a person’s mental and physical state. It can change negative thoughts and the help with managing life events. What are you waiting for?!

For information on social distancing and staying safe during your next visit to Regent Street Cinema, click here. We’re doing everything possible so you can enjoy going to the cinema again.

Over 55?

At Regency Seniors, we curate classics from all eras of filmmaking each Monday afternoon for guests over 55 to enjoy. Tickets are subsidised at £4 per person so that our local community can come together, relax and enjoy a weekly film.